Recipes Snow Queen with Raspberries

This should be prepared the night before consumption at the latest, as it needs freezing.


2 boxes of fresh raspberries
small packet caster sugar
1 pint whipping cream


1. Whip cream until stiff, with whisk, then fold in the sguar. (Fold in means use a metal spoon and stir in trying not to lose the air.)

2. At this point you can add a dash of brandy if you want to pep up the taste.

3. Crush the meringues. Ready made ones are quite dry and easy to break.

4. Mix meringues into cream mixture with spoon.

5. Either leave in mixing bowl or transfer to nice shaped bowl.

6. Freeze overnight.

To serve;

Take the meringue and cream mixture out of the freezer and leave to temper on the serving plate UPSIDE DOWN for about 30 minutes. Hopefully, with a gentle prod, the mixture will slip out, like an oversized creme caramel. Serve with a sprinkling of raspberries over and around pudding, and if you like, garnish with marshmallows. Serve immediately.