Dust Mites Allergy

Dust mites are tiny microscopic animals (measure approximately 0.3 mm) related to spiders (arthropods) living in nearly all parts of the world, preferring temperate zones and high relative humidity.
Their most common habitat is the powder inside the houses. As depend on the humidity and somewhat phobic to light, his favorite places to live are mattresses, pillows, stuffed animals, carpets, etc.. These places are also one of their favorite foods, such as human skin scales and animal.

Their depositions, and various parts of your body contain the volatilized particles and make contact with the mucosa (lining) occur in nasal and bronchial inflammation that they result in allergic rhinitis or bronchial asthma.
Unlike pollens, seasonality is less marked and are found all year round, especially in humid areas like the coast where its concentration (with exceptions) is much higher than in inland locations where the climate is drier.
Despite this difference between the coast and the drier areas in Chile is also prevalent in cities where the houses indoor damp or they exist in conditions that favor its growth such as carpets, stuffed animals, books, plants, etc.